DEEPTI FOUNDATOIN is a registered charitable trust committed towards the empowerment and strengthening of the underprivileged, suffering, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society. We provide education and healthcare, which will improve their quality of life and enhance human dignity and self-reliance. Patients with chronic diseases are provided with better medical assistance.

Deepti Ashram: Care Home for the HIV/AIDS Infected Boys

At Najafgarh, bordering to the state of Hariyana, Deepti Foundation (DF) has a boarding house for the children infected with HIV/AIDS. Up to March 2013, Deepti Ashram was a Community Care Centre (CCC) for HIV /AIDS infected people supported by Government. Before having our own building in our own land it was working in a rented house in the vicinity of Najafgarh. Along with this Care and support centre we were running a boarding house for the HIV infected children. But the Government support for CCC was unexpectedly stopped in March 2013 all over India. So many infected people were badly affected by this decision. But looking in to the felt need and request of many people we decided to continue the boarding house for the infected children even after the support for CCC was stopped. Here we take care of the physical, psychological, social, health, spiritual and educational needs of the children. Many of them are orphans having nobody to care for them. Some of them have either parents but are very sick and poor. All of them are under heavy medication like ART and are to be cared with nutritious food. They are having serious psychological problems as they are away from their family. They are viable to get any disease as their immunity power is very low compared to normal children. They are all attending Government school. Children are happy and feel at home with the care we give them.


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