How to collaborate

All these activities are undertaken with generous contributions from our people within and outside the country. We incur huge amounts by way of food and educational expenses to the infected and orphaned children in the hostel. What we need today is your assistance and cooperation in our endeavors to protect and allow these children to blossom. We appeal to you for assistance and collaboration in our activities. Our prayer is that let nothing keeps us down given our capacity to move on with your further support and collaboration. Spare a thought for those less fortunate than us and try and bring a little light into their lives as well. We have a vision and a dream for all those with HIV/AIDS that each of them are valued and counted. I am sure this vision and dream of Deepti Foundation fructifies with your continued support and assistance so that these less fortunate than you, have little shine in their future. The work is plenty. We shall all do better when we work together.

For Donations from Abroad

Deepti Foundation
State bank of India ,new Delhi
Account Number : 39735301426
IFC code : SBIN0000691

For Donations from India

Deepti Foundation
South indian bank
Account Number : 0153053000016678
IFC code : SIBL0000153
South indian bank  CP

After successful transaction, kindly send the UTR No. along with Pan and Address details to or whats app 9871170798


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