Our Objectives

  • Empowering families involved in rag picking with education and livelihood options
  • Hostel facility for the children from the families involved in rag picking
  • Treatment and healthcare for people with chronic diseases
  • Protection and promotion of child rights
  • Community care centres for the HIV/AIDS infected patients
  • Orientation to HRGs (High-risk Group)
  • Counseling Services
  • Care Home for children infected with HIV/AIDS & orphaned
  • Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Activities for Knowledge and Awareness
  • Economic and Social Empowerment of the Infected and the Affected
  • Information and Drop in Centres
  • Awareness among Students and Adolescents
  • Training on different Vocational Skills
  • Rehabilitation of Children, youth and women of the rag picking community through various activities like medical camps, awareness programs, nutritional supports and periodic meetings
  • Strengthening of Community organizations through Self-help groups, Children’s Parliaments, and adolescent girls’ and boys’ groups


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    We resume the classes from 17-06-2024

    Jun 17, 2024